About us – Arrow & Oar co.

As New Englanders and aspiring entrepreneurs, we seek to redefine the experience of clothing. The common method is online shopping and scavenging through malls to find the biggest brand names and most expensive apparel possible. Here, at Arrow & Oar Co., we seek to provide customers a positive experience with every purchase, giving quality clothes at a good cost. 

It started as just a dream.

A group of friends, a screen printer, and a big dream. We spent summer nights in the shed, printing shirt after shirt until we were happy with the quality of our product. When seasons changed and it got too cold, we would print in a dimly lit basement, making shelves out of everyday appliances, and making room wherever we could for our inventory.

Our values were based around quality when we worked days on end in a shed, and our emphasis on quality has done nothing but improve. Every day and every piece of clothing provide a good experience, and not just a part of your outfit. Everyone has their “favorite shirt” or “comfiest sweatshirt” where they look forward to putting it on. Here at Arrow & Oar Co. we hope to make these clothes available for you, while keeping the costs low.


Rooted deeply in our New England heritage, our style originates from New England's centuries of nautical tradition and the classic preppy aesthetic. Attention to detail and quality is something we pride ourselves on. As a company, customers are our top priority. We want people to look good and feel good. If they are not comfortable and happy in our clothing, we are doing something wrong.

We greatly value feedback and look to build strong relationships with our customers. In fashion, styles change, and at Arrow & Oar Co. our customers influence can change what goods we offer. While constantly adapting, we never want to sacrifice our heritage and values.

We want to thank you for everything thus far, and hope you are as excited about our future as we are.

Thank you, on behalf of Arrow & Oar. 

Cal and Conor



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